Azulejos Insetos

8,00 €

Azulejos vidrados, peças únicas, com tema Insectos.

Pintado à mão, não será possível a sua reprodução 100% igual.

Pode ser usado sozinho ou intercalado com outros azulejos de cor única. Várias utilizações possíveis.

- Material: Cerâmica

Glazed tile, one-piece, INSECT themed. Painted by hand, it won't be possible to reproduce it 100% the same.
Can be used alone or interspersed with other single color tiles. Several possible uses.
- Material: Ceramic
- Standard: INSECT


Glazed tiles, unique pieces, with Insects theme.
Size 15 x 15 cm, as it was painted by hand, it will not be possible to reproduce it 100% equally.
It can be used alone or interspersed with other tiles of a single color. Various possible uses.

- Material: Ceramic

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